What The Cabin Filter Is And Why You Should Replace It

Your car contains many filters that are designed to prevent contaminants from entering your engine, corroding it and disrupting the normal operation of the engine. Otherwise, you will suffer from performance drops and the engine might even become damaged. There are also filters that are designed to improve the air quality of your car, such as the cabin filter. If the filter becomes clogged or damaged, you will need to have it replaced to maintain the air flow of your AC and to maintain adequate air quality.

A Guide To Smog Inspections For Your Car

Many municipalities have different requirements for the vehicles that are registered within them. Since the environment is an important consideration in this day and age, a number of states require you to receive a smog inspection. This test, also known as a smog check or an emissions test, measures the cleanliness of the components that your vehicle is expelling. A lower emission vehicle is better for the environment and less harmful, while older or poorly maintained vehicles have more noxious emissions.

Change Your Own Car Battery When It Starts Showing Signs Of Failure

When your car begins to turn over more slowly as you start it, or the lights dim when you turn the engine off, you're seeing signs that your battery is at the end of its life. It will just get worse, so change your battery before you find yourself stuck in a parking lot with a dead battery. With a few tools and a couple of hours, you can have a new battery in your car and keep you from getting stuck somewhere with a car that doesn't run.

3 Things To Do When Buying A Used Vehicle

Purchasing a used vehicle can save you a lot of money, and if you shop carefully you can be the owner of a great pre-owned vehicle that can last for many years. When buying a used vehicle, it is important to do some research and know which vehicles are your best options so you buy the best car possible. If you're in the market for a used vehicle, do the following things to ensure that you get the best deal possible:

Helping An Elderly Parent Buy A New Car: Features To Look For

Older drivers are the most dangerous individuals behind the wheel, being 4 times more likely to get into a fatal car accident than teen drivers. Drivers between the ages of 75 and 85 pose the same risks on the road as younger drivers. This means you want to make sure that your elderly parent has a vehicle that is safe for not only themselves, but those on the road around them.