Three Unique and Affordable Restoration Projects with Salvaged Cars

If you are looking for a unique restoration project on a budget, finding a wrecked and worn car can be the perfect adventure. Remember, the more battered and beaten, the cheaper your project car will be. However, it is also going to take a lot more work putting it back on the road. Here are some affordable auto salvage restoration projects that you may want to consider doing: 1. Find a Wrecked Antique to Restore

Tips For Having Your Rig Fixed On The Side Of The Road

A trucker's worst nightmare can be to be stranded on the side of the road. However, an even bigger problem can be to find yourself stranded and to then have to have your truck hauled to the shop on a heavy hauler. If you are dealing with a repair issue with your rig, it's nice to be able to have it repaired by a mobile truck repair company. In the best of circumstances, you can have your rig repaired right away.

Car Modifications That May Improve Fuel Economy

Car modifications usually improve car performance at the expense of fuel economy. For example, increasing your car's ground clearance may improve its handling over rough terrain, but it may increase its fuel consumption. However, there are also modifications that improve fuel efficiency. Here are three examples of such modifications. Pickup Truck Caps The open bed of a pickup truck is useful for hauling cargo, but it does this at the expense of reduced fuel efficiency.

Taking Your Truck Off-Road? Invest in a Custom Grille Guard

One of the luxuries owning a truck provides is the opportunity to travel off-road. Trucks are built to be rugged when covering rough terrain, but protecting your truck from damage as you traverse non-paved roads is important. Investing in a custom grille guard will allow you to provide your truck with the off-road protection it needs. Here are three things to think about when deciding to invest in a custom grille guard for your own truck in the future.

Mobile Auto Services That Save You Time

Have you been putting off getting the brakes done on your car or doing an oil change because you don't have time to sit in an auto repair shop's waiting room? With the growth of mobile auto services, you may have a different option. These kinds of businesses come to where you are to take care of your car. While you're sitting in your company's meeting room, your oil is getting changed in the parking lot outside.